Nazim Huseynov

General Director

General Director’s Message

From the beginning of activity in 2001, BOS Shelf has evolved to become a key player in the Oil & Gas Industry, by successfully carrying out complex and large scale oil and gas infrastructure projects in Azerbaijan for SOCAR and International Clients.

Collectively, we should be proud of and take confidence from past achievements. However, the future holds even greater challenges, which will require  investment in the company and our employees, in order to enhance our processes and by so doing meet the ever increasing demands of our clients.

My commitment going forward is that  BOS Shelf’s  business objectives will be achieved without compromising safety in the workplace,  the quality of our products or transparency of our operations. In addition, we will continue  to pay serious attention to social and environmental factors.

Being part of the SOCAR group of companies means that each employee has the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the economic development of Azerbaijan, which in turn will improve the living standards of all citizens.