Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

BOS Shelf recognizes the importance of dealing with Health, Safety and Environmental impacts of operations. Therefore, it is our commitment to pro-actively work with Partners, Clients, Employees, Subcontractors, Service Providers, Suppliers, Governmental Agencies and the Public in order to achieve the highest possible standards of Health, Safety and Environmental Protection.

Fulfillment of the principles of this Policy is essential for the continued successful development of BOS Shelf and the achievement of Health, Safety and Environmental goals within the company.

Our fundamental objective is the safeguarding, assessing, monitoring and managing the health of our employees.

The environmental performance of BOS Shelf is also of paramount importance, so we do everything possible to make sure the environmental impact from our business is minimal.

BOS Shelf is committed to:

  • Taking into consideration and evaluating Health, Safety and Environmental criteria for each and every work process, to prevent the exposure of risk on the basis that all incidents and accidents resulting from our business activities are preventable.

  • Assessing and managing the risks which may arise from our activities, with respect to protection of people, safeguarding of assets and protection of the environment.

  • Initiating preventive measures and considering all the activities whose execution constitutes a health risk due to operational, hygienic, climatic and existing logistic conditions. High level of confidentiality is maintained regarding medical issues and records of the personnel.

  • Complying with all relevant Client Requirements, Legislation, Codes, Guidelines, Standards and Industry Standards as well as the application of more stringent Standards where we consider them appropriate.

  • Maintaining a Management System in line with ISO 14001 and OHSAS 45001 standards.

  • Providing framework for setting and reviewing the HSE objectives.

  • Maintaining mutual and two-way communication system of all HSE issues.

  • Setting specific and clear responsibilities for all BOS Shelf staff members.

  • Ensuring an appropriate level of employee training related to Health, Safety and Environmental protection activities in all areas of operations.

  • Continuous monitoring of our Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems and performance.

  • Promoting through firm Management Principles and Commitment, Company-wide participation in the continuous improvement process, including Subcontractors, and to recognize those who contribute.

  • Integrating sustainable development principles in all our activities.

  • Sharing our HSE Commitment and Values with our partners, contractors and suppliers.