Our Team

Development of any business involves human factor. In BOS Shelf we work with employees who have already reached a high level of various specialties, as well as, discover and develop talents, providing them with unique work experience and a wide range of professional skills.

Our staff consists of 3,000 employees (for over 100 different types of specialties). We constantly conduct trainings for our employees and maintain their highest level of competence, governed by internal BOS Shelf staff requirements and the requirements of our customers.

Our core business workforce team includes engineers, draftsmen, welders, assemblers, electricians, mechanics, scaffold workers, storekeepers, installers, carpenters, crane operators and loaders, supported by the main group of departments, including Health, Safety and Environment, Quality Control, Human Resources, Project Management, Accounting, Commercial, Procurement.

We have extensive training centers and competence programs to maintain/improve the skills of our employees.

Our workforce is assisted by subcontracting specialists on scaffolding and painting, electrical engineering, appliances and hydraulics, as well as non-destructive testing.

Following the concept of a nationalization plan, over recent years we have been thoroughly training and developing local staff, which allows us to appoint them to key positions.

Currently, some 98% of our staff members are citizens of Azerbaijan.