Quality Policy

The BOS Shelf LLC Quality Policy is based on pursuing the satisfaction of our Clients and BOS Shelf's commitment to achieving and maintaining market leadership through continual improvement of the highest standards of Quality Management. Senior Management provides adequate human, financial and technical resources in order to reach this goal.

  • Achieving customer satisfaction through analysis & market success through observance of the relevant quality, legal, time and cost requirements for the contracted services and the collection and analysis of feedback information.

  • Ensuring satisfaction through implementation of the Quality Management System and continuous improvement in line with established objectives and indicators, in order to guarantee process effectiveness and efficiency aiming at business profitability.

  • Involvement of all stakeholders in order to ensure mutual benefits, full involvement and awareness of all personnel, by means of proper training activities to ensure that each person is aware of the relevance and importance of his/her activities.

  • A mutually beneficial relationship with vendors and contractors, enhancing the ability of both to create value and to address customer expectations.

In order to implement these BOS Shelf has an established management system in line with the ISO 9001 — 2015 requirements and directs resources to

  • Identifying and meeting client and third party requirements as applicable, both at project level in the work processes management and through enhanced communication
  • Maintaining the management systems in line with ISO 9001-2015 and other relevant government and industry body's requirements.
  • Ensuring continual improvement of the management system by means of setting objectives, both through the implementation improvement and monitoring indicators and of the annual Management Review Meetings, and reviewing Quality performance periodically with involvement and participation of senior management.
  • Adopting standards of Quality management that reflect best industry practice and legislative need.
  • Engaging with contractors in order to ensure compatible Quality performance towards fulfillment of client requirements.
  • Undertaking periodic reviews / audits / inspections of BOS Shelf's operations to ensure that they are in compliance with this policy's intentions and to seek opportunities for improvement.

Observance of Quality requirements and promotion of Quality culture is the responsibility of all managers, supervisors and employees, supported by the provision of adequate resources and ongoing training.