Our logistics activities serve to support offshore installation of deep water jackets, with further provision of necessary resources to oil and gas platforms, ships and barges.

Logistics tasks of BOS Shelf Marine Base include timely loading and unloading of ships, ensuring uninterrupted support for the offshore operations.

We also receive ships of such types as river-sea, Ro-Ro and cargo barges flying under foreign flags.

Total size of the bay: 116 hectares
Channel length: 4,000 m
Channel width: 127 m
Bay depth: 8.3-9.5 m

BOS Shelf’s logistics advantage is also reflected in a railway line with a length of 11,944 m and capacity of one-time functioning of 100 carriages, as well as, the ability of receiving goods by road with further unloading, loading and warehousing.

BP Supply Base

Since 2015, BOS Shelf manages the largest BP Supply Base in the region. Within the framework of this cooperation, BOS Shelf expanded the scope of its activities with the strategically important function of storage and logistics of all goods of the British company in Azerbaijan.

The base successfully implemented the use of an automated and climate-controlled storage for small spare parts and perishable goods, as well as, a hazardous materials storage area. All storage facilities of BP Supply Base are built and operated in accordance with the industry standards of Azerbaijan and the United Kingdom.

The total time for the release of materials from the SP warehouse is minimized, which makes most of the stored materials available for immediate shipment.

The concept of the warehouse process of the base corresponds to the HUB storage model.

Since 2015, BOS Shelf uses a centralized personnel, finance and procurement management system (SAP) within the Supply Base management.

The options we use to dispose obsolete and damaged stocks proceed in accordance with the standards and needs of a client, which allows for the efficient and safe use of materials by arranging delivery to the designated destination and waste processing.

Onshore & Offshore Logistics Support Services

Supply Base Management

  • Quayside
  • Pipe Yard
  • Transportation
  • CCU Management
  • Facilities & Asset Management & Maintenance
  • Diesel Tank Farm
  • Warehousing & Materials Management
  • Oil Terminals, Pump Stations, Yard Fabrication
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Inventory Control and Reporting
  • Provision of Personnel
  • Support Onshore and Offshore Projects

Heavy Lift and Cargo Transportation

  • Design and execution of Heavy Complex Lifts
  • Transportation of Abnormal Cargo 

Fuel Management

  • Offshore Diesel Supply
  • Diesel Processing and Testing
  • Stock Management

Personnel Training

  • Provision of qualified and certified workforce
  • HSE Consultancy and Training (ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2004 EMS)

BP Supply Base Georgia

Expanding our Logistics Management activities, we entered the Georgian market, by receiving a contract on management of BP Georgia Logistics Base in 2019.


Operation area - 2,000 sq. m
Emergency pipeline repair area – 3,000 sq. m
Outdoor storage – 15,000 sq. m

The Logistics Base area also includes:

Wash Bay
Pressure Testing Bay
Waste Storage Shelter
WWT and Septic Tank
Utility Building
Water Tank