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Our Mission and Values


We aim for safe implementation of any project we are involved in, for the benefit of our customers, shareholders, employees and the economy of our country, keeping Safety, Continuous Improvement, One Team, Accountability and Care as the Core Corporate Values.





  • As a company, we have a zero-tolerance approach to safety breaches; we are committed to the principle of zero-harm to people and the environment

  • We react immediately to safety violations and safety-related issues, and do our best to proactively prevent them

  • We put people's health and safety first, before the interest of business and its operations

  • We are rigorous in ensuring compliance with the safety regulations and procedures in the workplace

  • We support safety-related initiatives and aim to continuously train and educate ourselves in this field

Continuous Improvement

  • We implement the Quality principle of Quality Improvement across our organization employees and processes.

  • We implement a process approach to our ways of working, whilst always seeking ways to optimize existing processes and to eliminate inefficient practices

  • We draw on lessons learned and our experiences, constantly looking for innovative ways to achieve the best results in the most efficient manner to exceed expectations

  • We Promote and consider future needs, issues, risks and opportunities and lessons learned through the organization’s Risk management culture

  • We apply new and innovative technologies to maintain competitive edge and in-line with industry best-practices

  • We implement systems and processes that are flexible and adaptable allowing us to react and make decisions quickly in response to changes, ensuring long-term resilience in the face of uncertainty

  • We promote a culture of decision making based on factual evidence and measurement of performance.

One Team

  • We motivate, support and help each other as we move towards success united by single mission and goals

  • We openly share both the success and the challenges faced, as we are there for each other to celebrate good times and provide support when needed

  • We demonstrate through our Quality Policy defining Management commitment with regard to the voice of the Customer and the requirements for Quality.

  • By combining our efforts, we benefit the state, society, partners and all the other stakeholders

  • Our uniqueness, which stems from the diversity of our approaches, experiences and ideas, is our advantage, and this advantage drives us to success

  • We act as one single unit regardless the geographic span of our activities and variety of our operations


  • We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and their consequences

  • We motivate and empower our employees to take accountability for achieving and improving our standards of performance.

  • Every endeavor we undertake, we do our best to ensure it is completed with high quality and within the designated timeline

  • We believe it is essential for us to maintain transparent and open communication with the state, society, partners, and other stakeholders as crucial part of our mutual success We create a culture where everyone is encouraged to use factual evidence, questioning, critical thinking and good judgement.

  • We highly value honesty in our relationships and communications, and we keep on our promises

  • Our actions, choices, and behaviors are guided by strong ethical values and high moral principles


  • Human Rights is a fundamental value of BOS Shelf. Our Policy is reflected in company procedures, which encompass, as minimum, the following elements: Safe and healthy workplace; diversity and inclusion.

  • With our activities we aim to create a long-lasting and positive impact for future generations

  • For every member of the SOCAR family we aim to create a comfortable, healthy and secure work environment

  • Financial well-being, continuous learning and professional development of our employees are important to us

  • We genuinely care about people working with us and all the communities affected by our operations