Sustainable Development Policy

BOS Shelf’s Sustainable Development Policy aims to increase the economic efficiency of its activity, keep the responsibility for quality, reliability and safety of operations and promote sustainable functioning of the economy in the regions of its presence.

The company’s targets are not limited with high production and financial indicators, applying to contribution to the development and prosperity of Azerbaijan, as well as, improving the quality and living conditions of its citizens.

BOS Shelf is committed to taking into consideration and evaluating Health, Safety and Environmental criteria in each and every work process, to prevent the exposure of risk on the basis that all incidents and accidents resulting from our business activities are preventable.

We have objectives for all our operation sites with no accidents, no incidents and creation no harm to the environment. Our safety culture reflects the shared commitment of management and employees toward ensuring the safety of the work environment. 

Safety issues are considered to be line management responsibilities, being an integral part of the duties of all personnel, from supervisors to every employee that has a clear responsibility to prevent injury to himself/herself and other people.

Our input to the sustainable development of the society is dedicated to the increase of economic efficiency, development of staff and ensuring stability in labor collectives.

We work hard to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace by constantly reviewing and refining our approach to business, clinical processes and service delivery. In order to stay responsive to our clients, we embrace new work methods provided by technology and developments.