Procurement and Supply Chain

Procurement and Supply Chain Management (PSCM) is one of the key aspects of BOS Shelf activity, serving the purpose to support the practices and the responsibilities of personnel during the various stages of the Procurement process - from the request generation to the delivery of procured items/services and close-out of Orders.

The wide range of supply and services has reached a huge number of very specific products/services database and its vendors all over the world. BOS Shelf PSCM has implemented world-known “SAP Business” Program which is being successfully used to improve cost savings, on-time deliveries, quality of the goods/services, safety, vendor evaluation and transparency of the transactions in accordance with ABC rules.

Our aim is to move supplies in a reliable and safe manner, on time and efficiently to their destination.

We have procured items/services and managed transportation and importation of hundreds of thousands tons of various structural steel, equipment, consumables including oversized cargoes from all over the world over the past years.

Efficient transportation has been recognized as an essential determinant in providing consistent, quality service to the Projects. A goods transport system fulfils three of the "rights" of supply, including delivery of goods at the right time, in the right condition and in a cost effective manner. Summarizing this into a series of actionable steps and successfully implementing those steps, ensures timely and effective delivery.

Goods arrive as scheduled, at the right price, in maximized loads with no breakages or losses. The goods transport system complements efficient distribution system.

Executing all PSCM processes in a steady flow is an essential determinant for the company itself in providing consistent and quality services to the customers and their projects.