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BOS Shelf donates 1 million manat to Azerbaijan Armed Forces Assistance Fund

10 October 2020

BOS Shelf donated 1 million manat to the Azerbaijan Armed Forces Assistance Fund, in order to support the National Army fighting for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

"We are immensely proud and believe in our army under the leadership of Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev. We are proud of each person standing up to defend their homeland and fight for its territorial integrity. Karabakh is Azerbaijan!"

BOS Shelf also starts the payment of double salary to each employee drafted into the army until the end of the service.

"Presently, more than 60 BOS Shelf employees have been drafted into the army. We will support each of them on this valiant path," the company stated.

The Armed Forces Assistance Fund was established by Decree of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated August 17, 2002 to ensure the development of the Armed Forces in accordance with modern requirements, strengthen their material and technical base and finance the necessary social measures.