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BOS Shelf team joins World Quality Week campaign

12 November 2022

On November 7-11, BOS Self joined the World Quality Week annual campaign, celebrated by the Chartered Quality Institute and aimed to raise awareness of the quality management profession globally.  

Increasingly, organizations are expected to expand their scope of responsibility and to do the right thing, not only for the shareholder/taxpayer, customers and employees, but the environment and society at large. Quality management is not only about designing and improving the quality of product and service, but also about the methods organizations employ to deliver them to customers and stakeholders across their value stream. This year’s World Quality Week theme provides an opportunity to reflect on how corporate culture and conscience can help or hinder an organization to make decisions and ‘do the right thing’ for all stakeholders.

Preparing for the celebration of the World Quality Week in 2022, BOS Shelf team developed an idea to extend the event to the greater quality family of Azerbaijan by inviting quality professionals from the top countrywide companies to the event. 

The event was participated by the representatives of BP, TotalEnergies, JOCAP, SOCAR CAPE, WELDSPEC, RSL, as well as the representatives from SOCAR, Azerbaijan Quality Association, Societe Generale de Surveillance Azeri (SGS), Oil Gas Contractors Trust (OGCT), SOCAR Downstream, Caspian Engineering Services and SOCAR Polymer.

Poster Campaign for Children:

BOS Shelf also ran a design poster competition for the employees’ children within the World Quality Week 2022. The best poster designs will be presented in the company’s corporate 2023 calendar. The competition resulted with the family day organized in BOS Shelf’s auditorium, where employees and their children got familiarized with the results and received prizes.

The aim of Poster Campaign was to support the younger generation in understanding of the quality profession, as BOS Shelf team works on improving the holistic view and quality culture, supporting the growth of the quality family of Azerbaijan.