In 2001, BOS Shelf signed a contract with AIOC (Azerbaijan International Operating Company) for the construction of two deep water jackets for the Central Azeri Field, as part of the largest oil and gas project in the modern history of Azerbaijan – Azeri-Chirag Gunashli (ACG).

The construction of a deep water jacket for the Central Azeri Field marked the beginning of the full-scale development of ACG. The contract between BOS Shelf and AIOC provided for the construction of 26,000 tons worth of structures for the deep water jacket of the oil and gas platform and 14, 000 tons of structures for piles.

The first CA-PDQ jacket construction built by BOS Shelf for the Central Azeri Field was implemented in March 2002. The construction of the structures took place on the territory of the Baku Deep Water Jacket Factory named after Heydar Aliyev. Twenty months after, BOS Shelf was able to complete and put into operation the CA-PDQ deep water jacket, fully compliant with international quality and safety standards.

BOS Shelf was expecting similar success during the construction of a second CA-CWP deep water jacket for the Central Azeri Field. The company established the 13,000-ton structure in October 2004, at the scheduled time, which confirmed the level of professionalism of BOS Shelf.

After successful implementation of the first project, AIOC and BOS Shelf signed contracts for the construction of four more deep water jackets (WA-PDQ, EA-PDQ. DQG-DUQ and DQG-PCWU).

At that stage of cooperation, BOS Shelf was to be involved in construction of the jacket for the Chirag oil field. The 18,000-ton jacket became the largest structure built by the company.

All the structures for various projects, during the period from 2005 to 2012, were built and put into operation by BOS Shelf within the specified time frame, maintaining the highest quality and safety indicators. The total volume of structures built by the company for the specified time amounted to 120,000 tons.